Nike Hypervenom

I created these two animations whilst freelancing at Intro. It was commissioned for the launch event in Brasil of the new Nike football boot, 'Hypervenom'. I very much enjoyed working with the team at Intro, it was great to be given the time and trust to create something cool. And also to work with powerful artwork and a brand like Nike. 

I was supplied with three layered 'hero' images which I then animated in After Effects to create the final pieces. I also used Cinema 4D to model and animate 3D elements such as the scorpions tails, cats eyes, snake head, claws and so on. 

It was great to be able to put into practice some of the techniques I've been learning in Cinema 4D, specifically character rigging, sculpting and bodypaint.  

I also adapted the piece to work on a giant projection mapped space for the Hypervenom PR launch. You can see an edit of the launch event here

The black version is another adaptation I created using many of the same elements. It was fun because I got to use some of the development tests and do some glitchy editing which I always enjoy.

Creative agency: Intro
Intro director: Julian Gibbs
Animation director: Simon Russell
Nike design director: Remco Vloom